Upcoming Top20


Is the official hub of Zambian upcoming music promotion. The blog has space available for advertising with a record of having had about 2000 music views in a day, komboni radio music blog is a must for any company’s advertising needs or wishing to grow their business.
  1. Upcoming Artist Top 20
A program scheduled on komboni radio from 14hrs every Sunday draws music countrywide by upcoming artists with a reach of about 80% of the Zambian population in all areas of reach and influence, upcoming Artist Top 20 is a definite Yes – sponsorship for any company. UPCOMING ARTIST TOP 20 ON AIR RADIO SHOW The program will begin at 14hours every Sunday on komboni Radio characterized by.
  • Entertainment
  • Upcoming Artist celebrity gossip
  • Up-close with an upcoming Artist
  • New entry songs –fresh and juicy
  • Top votes on the blog
  • Too good to hit once air play.
The upcoming Artist music can be voted via the following means:
  1. Whatsapp – 0962 570373
  2. SMS – 0962 799193
  3. On air call in (during the TOP 20 Chart) – 0978 552903; 0950 553325; 0964 792753
  4. Music will be rated according to the number of downloads per songs, the song downloaded the most automatically goes and ranks at number one on the home page of the komboni radio music blog.
  5. Online voting –where funs will directly vote for their favourite music by ‘ticking’ in a box for the artists of their choice